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Electric bikes are;

  • Easy to ride - just pedal and off you go !
  • Inspire confidence - you can be certain to get up any hill
  • Give you as little or much help as you need - assistance is adjustable
  • Provide a green means of transport - simply charge and go
  • Allow mixed ability groups to ride together - ride together at up to 15mph
  • Provide a safe & healthy form of exercise - you still need to pedal, you just go faster

Call us to discuss anything about electric bikes;

  • How to operate an electric bike?
  • What is the range?
  • Will I still get any exercise?

We think these bikes are the future, bringing cycling to a larger audience. Electric bikes are expensive and not commonplace, so it is difficult to try one for yourself. We are pleased to offer an electric cycling experience to give you that chance.

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